Summit America Insurance Services
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Colleges & Universities Students & Participants Liability Programs
About Us

“Everyone at Summit America has been very personable to work with. The staff takes the time to educate me and answer questions, and is also available to discuss the plan with students. When problems arise, they work with me and the students to find an explanation or solution."

Joyce Boehland
Director of Health Services Colorado Christian University

Key Staff

Overland Park Office
Main Toll Free: 1-800-955-1991

Direct: 1-913-327-0200
Claims Dept Toll Free: 1-877-246-6997

Main Fax: 1-913-327-0201
Claims Fax: 1-913-327-7520

Salt Lake City Office
Main Toll Free: 1-800-955-1991 ext. 2626

Direct: 1-801-412-2626
Claims Department: 1-801-412-2626

Main Fax: 1-801-412-2625
Claims Fax: 1-801-412-2625

National Sports Organizations
Janice Briggs, Ext. 5614

Specialty Programs

Coaches Choice for Teams/Leagues, Camps/Clinics & Tournaments/Tumble Time Gymnastics, Martial Arts: The Defender, Dance School: Sure Step
Sandy McDowell, Ext. 5611

Special Risk Accident Medical Programs
Krista Stanek, Ext. 5816

Intercollegiate Sports Programs

Overland Park Office

Janice Briggs, Ext. 5614

Rachel Kannaday, Ext. 7458

Salt Lake City Office

Kathy Polanshek, Ext. 2623

Carol Malouf, Ext. 2622

College Accident & Sickness Programs
Krista Stanek, Ext. #5816

Angela King, Ext. 5601

Debbie McFarlane, Ext. 7455

Claims Services
Overland Park Office: 1-877-246-6997

Salt Lake City Office: 1-801-412-2626

The Corps Network Claims Hotline: 1-800-301-9128

Howard University Claims Hotline: 1-800-890-8755