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Coaches' Choice: Sports Camps and Clinics  Top

Sports Camps and Clinics Supplemental Applications:

Coaches' Choice: Teams and Leagues  Top

Teams and Leagues Supplemental Applications:
Amateur Sports Adult Soccer Teams, Leagues, Clubs and/or Associations:

Coaches' Choice: Tournaments and Events  Top

Tournaments and Events Supplemental Application  Top

Coaches' Choice: Sports Instructor Insurance Program  Top

Fitness Instructor Insurance Program  Top

Youth Day Camps Insurance Program  Top

Concessionaires Exhibitors & Vendors Insurance Program  Top

Activity & Social Club Insurance Program  Top

Activity & Social Club Supplemental Applications  Top

Short-Term Special Events Insurance Program  Top

Dance Instructor Insurance Program  Top

Sure Step Dance School Insurance Program  Top

The Defender Martial Arts Insurance Program  Top

Tumble Time Gymnastics  Top

For an insurance proposal, download an application here and submit to our office for underwriting review. Competitive rates and discounts may apply based on loss history. This market is not currently available in FL, NY, WA or AK.

For smaller facilities or programs (less than 75 participants) and those located in FL, NY, WA or AK, please visit the following link to obtain an online quote and bind coverage. This market offers a lower minimum premium which works well for smaller gyms and programs. You may also download a paper application here and submit to bind coverage.

Entertainer & Performer Insurance Program  Top

Exercise/Circuit/Personal Training Studio Insurance Program  Top

Health Club - Limited Services Insurance Program  Top

Independent Instructor Insurance Program  Top

Event Planner Insurance Program  Top

Bands & Performing Groups Insurance Program  Top

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