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NCAA Group Basic Accident Medical Program

Program Overview

In response to the rising cost of medical expenses and insurance premiums related to athletics injuries, the NCAA has created the NCAA Group Basic Accident Medical Program. By combining four key pillars for success, the program is designed to “Bridge the Gap” between risk management and athletics. When fully implemented, this program will empower institutions to control costs and reduce expenses.

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NCAA Program Partners

Pillars for Success...

Insurance  | Services  | Cost Containment  | Risk Management |

Insurance   Top

The NCAA has leveraged its collective resources to produce and tailor a superior insurance program that protects the student-athlete’s well-being and the institution’s financial status. The product has been designed uniquely and specifically for NCAA members with the Master Policy form negotiated on behalf of the schools in accordance with NCAA regulations. Premiums will be derived from each participating institution’s individual claims experience using a consistent and “open book” approach.

Services   Top

The NCAA and its risk management partners have designed optimal customer services that are unrivaled in the marketplace – including an online system to manage all information related to the program. In addition to standard claim services, the program also provides electronic incident (claims) reporting, real-time claims tracking and seamless claims management from the basic plan into the catastrophic plan. Network cards and direct provider negotiations are also an integral part of the package.

Cost Containment   Top

The NCAA is committing the financial and management resources to facilitate the initiation and success of the program and has negotiated a cap of the insurer’s profit that allows excess profits to be shared with participating member institutions. The program is transparent relative to all costs associated with program administrators – with fee thresholds at or below standard basic accident commission levels.

Risk Management   Top

The NCAA and its partners have developed "Best Practices" to assist member institutions in maximizing opportunities to control and reduce medical expenses related to athletics injuries. These include effective techniques for managing risk such as primary insurance tracking, tailored provider networks and the establishment of a risk management team. The web-based "Virtual Risk Manager", created exclusively for this program, will provide a dedicated resource for participating institutions to access best practices and claims information 24 hours a day.

NCAA Program Partners   Top

  • Participating NCAA Members
  • NCAA National Office
  • Participant Accident Medical Claim Payer 40+ Years
  • NCAA Catastrophic Insurance Provider for 10+ years
  • A.M Best Rating of A+ (Superior)
  • Risk Management and Insurance Advisor to the NCAA for 15+ Years
  • Experts in the area of risk consulting and crisis management
  • Exclusively manages risk for the sports and entertainment industry
  • 35+ years experience in Intercollegiate Insurance Business
  • Nearly two centuries of combined staff experience in Intercollegiate Sports Insurance
  • Currently provides basic coverage to hundreds of NCAA, NAIA & NJCAA institutions