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Individual Health Insurance
Individual Health Insurance

Individual Health Insurance, Short Term Health Insurance


With today’s economy, Summit America understands the importance of staying happy and healthy. This can be difficult when individual health insurance becomes costly for adequate coverage for yourself and your loved ones. We are proud to offer affordable individual health insurance plans for the coverage you need. If you are looking to Supplement an Existing Plan, purchase a plan while In-between Jobs, a Recent College Graduate, Newlywed, have an Addition to the Family, Retiring Early, or Run Your Own Business…whatever the reason may be, Summit America is here to help you. Please click on the appropriate individual health insurance plan below for more information, to receive a free online quote or to enroll online today. If you should need assistance, call our toll free number at 1.800.955.1991 and we will be happy to help.

Individual Health Insurance Plans

  • eHealthInsurance
    Offers nationwide Individual Health Insurance & Family Health Insurance, Student Health Insurance, Dental Insurance, Health Savings Accounts and Term Life Insurance.
  • Blue Cross Blue Shield of Kansas City
    Are you living or running a company based in the metropolitan Kansas City or northwest Missouri area? You may apply for coverage for one of the many affordable health plans available through the area’s largest and local commercial health plan provider.
  • HTH Worldwide - International Student Health Insurance
    Worldwide health insurance & services for international living. Renewable comprehensive coverage in and out of the U.S., up to a $5,000,000 limit.
Individual Health Insurance, Short Term Health Insurance